Top Tips for Chartering a Bus

Chartering a bus is one of the cheapest, not to mention one of the safest, ways to travel inland. Of course, it's also fun and relaxing - just the way we all want our travels to be. Unfortunately, not all houston charter bus companies are the same. Not all of them will be right for you, so it's important to do a little research before making your final choice.

Whether you're going on a personal or corporate trip or outing, keep the following in mind when looking for a reputable bus charter company:


For your security and that of every other passenger on board, find a company that is insured. For a company authorized for interstate service, $5 million is the safest minimum liability coverage.

Mechanical Inspection

Make sure the motorcoach you'll be on has passed a mechanical inspection within the past year. Faulty equipment is not only annoying. It can also be dangerous. In most states, these vehicles will have government-issued decals to indicate that the company has passed inspection. Find a houston party bus rentals company that maintains its fleet in modern, fully-equipped garages and has topnotch mechanics maintaining the vehicles.  


Drivers of reputable bus charter companies have valid commercial driver's licenses. This is not your typical driver's license and it takes someone with relevant specialized knowledge to be able to have one. But believe it or not, there are motorcoach companies with drivers who are not in compliance. Worse, they may not even have the right training or significant experience operating  charter buses - just another reason to do your homework. Also inquire about additional drivers and driver switching. To ensure safety, drivers shouldn't have to drive the coach in excess of 10 hours daily.  


Before you commit to a certain bus charter company, make sure you know the price, which will most likely be computed by mile or by hour. Of course, the final estimate will depend on the distance that will be covered during your trip.  

Pricing will also involve the size of the coach and the level of luxury you're looking for.  If there will be a passenger with special needs, such as a pregnant woman or someone with any physical handicap, the company's representative so the right motorcoach may be recommended. You don't want your trip to be spoiled by a slight misunderstanding. 

You should also ask about their policies regarding payment. How much do you need to put down as deposit, for example, and what will be the rules for refunds and cancelations? If there are any add-on costs, it's always best to known them all before the trip. Add-ons can include destination taxes, special permits and the like. 

If anyone in your group is a smoker or would like to be able to drink alcohol in the bus, ask about it early on in the discussion. Some bus companies prohibit carry-on food too so ask about that as well, but in most cases, you will simply be asked to pay an extra charge. Finally, make sure you know about driver accommodations and costs, specifically whether or not they are included in the package.

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